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What does "Chronicles of Narnia", Richard Pryor and "Brokeback Mountain" Have to do with Anonymous Mind Control Author?
 by: JK Ellis

That's right "Chronicles of Narnia", Richard Pryor and the new movie "Brokeback Mountain" posess an insidious link to, a controversial persuasion author, JK Ellis.

This is a conspiracy of implication.

JK Ellis and Richard Pryor - fearless in telling you whats on our minds.

JK Ellis and the movie "Chronicles of Narnia" - compelling in what we have to offer.

JK Ellis and the new movie "Brokeback Mountain" - willing to discuss things that everyone else wants to ignore or deny.

This is merely a demonstration of how one can persuade by association and implication. Simply by comparing the writer JK Ellis to three things in the popular culture it creates a fit in the mind s of the public.

JK Ellis points this out on his Mind Control blog as “not quite the same thing as name dropping to impress people but it's along the sames lines.”

How do the best PR people in the world use this strategy?

1) Quotes - telling people what other people have said about you. This is different than just stating it out right. "Quotes" provides distance.

2) Plant a story or press release that piggy backs something in the popular culture with your name. Example: "Controversial Mind Control Author warns of advance influence technology in Harry Potter movies".

3) Covertly drop a name. Meaning while you're on the phone you turn your back to the listener and whisper just loud enough for them to hear "Tell Mr. Tarantino that I can't work with him until his assistant clears his schedule for me. There's no way that.... Oops... I have to go."

4) Leaving a scratch pad on your desk with the words “Lindsay Lohan cell# 619-722-8099”

The key is to distance yourself as much as possible from actually dropping the name yourself.

None of this is new, of course. Planting credible evidence has been one keys to success since the time of Chinese General Sun Tzu.

For more information on covert persuasion and mind control you can read JK Ellis blog at

About The Author

JK Ellis is a writer and researcher in the subject of mind control and it's possible beneficial uses. His weblog can be read at

This article was posted on January 09, 2007


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