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U2 Tickets
 by: Ron Arthur

In the fall of 1976, a popular high school student Paul Hewson observed a note on the notice board of Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin . It was from a 14 year old student Larry Mullen and he had asked for some music lovers to come and join a band. Paul's immediately answered the call and so did three other lads, Dave Evans, Dick Evans and Adam Clayton. A five-piece band was organized with the name of "Feedback". However, Dick Evans left the band to join another one after some time. The band altered their name to "The Hype" but ultimately they set on to " U2".It was this name which took them to the heights of the sky and made it one of the hottest band of 1980's.

17 th March 1978 was an unforgettable day for U2 as they got their first major break by wining a music talent contest on St. Patrick's Day in Limerick . One of the judges of the contest was Jackie Heyden working for CBS Records. Observing the electrifying performance of the boys, he became an immediate fan of U2. It was Jackie Heyden who first took U2 to the studio for recording their debut demo. Although it was not so successful it was still a real confidence booster for the young men.

Their thrilling music and breathtaking performances soon managed to amass crowds of dedicated fans. Through the combination of devotion and passion they rose to be the most popular rock and roll bands of 80's. The zealous struggle of U2 allowed them to nab a respectable place in the music world during the era of synthesized pop and heavy metal music.

They launched their debut album in 1979 with the name "U 2 three", which grabbed the top place in Ireland music charts. Later when it was released in England , it was a disappointing failure.

The next year was filled with extensive touring worldwide for the band. In a couple of years two of their albums were in the market, naming "The Boy" and "October", and the boys were now recognized in Ireland . Nevertheless, U2 really hit the big time with the release of their album "War", released in March 1983. The "New Year's Day" single became chart topper in England .

U2 was on the flow and their records were selling like hot cake throughout the world. Their 7 th LP "The Joshua Tree" did record breaking selling in England and remained the big seller in 22 other countries. The fame of U2 was swelling uncontrollably and they amassed millions of dollars from world over.

Next albums were "Achtung Baby",1991, "Zooropa",1993, "Pop"1997and their latest album " How to Dismantle a Atomic Bomb",2004, which are still remembered by millions of rock music lovers.

There has been no deterioration in the fame of U2 till the present day. Several U2 concerts are still due during this summer in Spain, England, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and other European countries. Millions of fans are excited about these concerts all over the world, as can be judged by the fact that most of the tickets have been sold out.

U2 has been maneuvering the rock music scenario constantly for over two complete decades which is an achievement of sorts. They have chartered success on their own terms on both the artistic and business sides in the music industry. And it seems apparent to thousands of their fans that their sun of limitless fame might never set!

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About The Author

Ron Arthur is a Search Engine Marketer working for Carlsbad, CA based web-metrics company Sofizar. He is a member of the team developing a click fraud detection software, ZarTective. While not writing expose’s on the darker side of the web, he plays with his cat “Mano” and watches “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the 17th time. Or maybe 117th.

This article was posted on November 28, 2005


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