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The Red Cross and XM Team up for Hurricane Victims
 by: Scott Fish

XM satellite radio and the American Red Cross teamed up to give the workers and relief help for Hurricane Katrina a source for national radio coverage. Red Cross staff and volunteers along the Gulf Coast now have access to the channel, which is a 24-hour, nationwide XM channel to provide help and information for Hurricane Katrina victims and other Red Cross workers across the country.

XM Channel 248 –dubbed the Red Cross Radio is now available on XM Satellite Radio from the west coast to the east coast. All XM receivers, portable, at home or in your car can now listen to the channel for updates and news. As part of the partnership, XM has donated radios to the Red Cross and relief workers so that they may stay up-to-date on a the relief effort. “In addition to Red Cross Radio, XM offers the XM Emergency Alert Channel (XM Channel 247), which tracked the hurricane’s progress and now provides updates on clean-up, road closures, school closings, and other information from federal and local governments, law enforcement, and other agencies.” – (XM satellite radio)

XM Radio is proud to have the Red Cross channel, which it is using to send out information and announcements to workers across the region. The portability and national coverage of the station allows all workers and all of those involved to be on the same wave length. Support for Red Cross efforts is being heard all across the country and the XM radio channel has played a large part in this relief effort.

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This article was posted on September 12, 2005


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