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Save Money by Renting your DVDs Online
 by: Ashley Watson

As a movie lover myself I discovered that the best way to rent DVD movies and games in this day and age of the modern computer is by using one of the Online DVD and Game Rental Services. If you love watching movies or playing video games you should seriously consider one of these rental services as a time savings convenience and value.

The two largest DVD Online Rental companies which are very well known by their 3 Million plus members is NetFlix and Blockbutster. Both services are very similar, however, NetFlix seems to be top dog as of this writing.

Some of the great benefits of Online DVD Rental includes:

- 40,000 + movie titles

- New releases

- No late fees

- Free shipping, both to you and the return shipping

- Affordable monthly plans

- No long term contracts

- Cancel membership anytime

I am confident that you will find either of these services a great resource for your own DVD and Gaming needs.

Both DVD rental services, NetFlix and Blockbuter, have done a wonderful job of keeping their service simple and easy to use. By providing your basic information and then adding your favorite movies to a list or queue you can begin receiving movies right to your mailbox postage free. It's just so crazy simple!

One of the best advantages to renting your DVDs online is direct delivery to your door. Not only do you receive free shipping, you'll also get fast delivery of your DVD movies and game rentals. I always receive movies in 1-2 days and return shipping via a pre-paid envelope back to the company is delivered in a timely manner as well. This makes the DVD turnaround time very quick and your more than likely to always have a DVD movie on hand.

You may keep each DVD or Game as long as you like. Remember, there are no late fees so you are free to watch movies at your leisure. No need to feel rushed in watching your movie because the DVD does not have a required due date for return. This one feature alone is money in the bank from saved late fees. I don't know about you, but our family has paid many late fees over the years for movies that were not watched by the 1, 2 or 3 day return due date. We actually paid more in late fees than we did for the movie!

No more late fees for us! We do all of our DVD movie rental online now. It not only saves us the hassle and time from running back and forth to the nearest DVD rental store, we love the anticipation of our next DVD in the mailbox! ~It's almost like Christmas...

Online DVD rental is definitely the superior choice for renting DVD movies. As long as the DVD Rental services continue to keep the process simple and easy I see Online DVD Rental as the wave of the future.

About The Author

Ashley Watson has been a movie lover for years and has turned her passion for movies into a dedicated web site for movie fans. You can find more articles and info at:

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This article was posted on November 21, 2005


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