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SAMPLING: Creative or Not? Right or Wrong?
 by: PJ Flaquer

Many people talk about the legal issues regarding sampling. If tracks aren't cleared properly it leads to mayhem when the artist or producer gets a law suit for their unapproved use of another musicians material. Now aside from that there is an even bigger issue when "sampling" is practiced...Lack of ORIGINALITY.

So what do you do when looking for a great drum sound but don't have cash to spend on sample CD's and modules? Your Fruity Loops sounds are getting lame and you don't want to download a cheesy VSTi, right?. The answer to this problem is simple. Fire up your Cool Edit and edit an existing commercial song, perhaps from a platinum selling billboard chart topping hit. Cut the drums out and make sure the voice isn't layered o any part of it. If these sounds were used in one successful song, it'll make yours' successful as well, won't it? The drums on these #1 hits are hot and you want your tracks to sound just like it, don't you? WRONG. You will never be successful this way. Atleast I wouldn't think so.

An issue today in my mind, personally speaking, are aspiring producers and artists trying to get in the game by doing what the heavy weights do. Now i'm not saying that someone wouldn't be able to learn a thing or two from a top selling artist but when it comes to actually mimicking the sounds and production methods, a line needs to be drawn. No one wants to hear another "this" or "that". It's been quite heavily disturbing to browse sample selling sites and see how "Neptune Kits" and "Dre Kits" are part of the catalogue. Why would someone want to PURCHASE and use something that's been used all ready? The sounds are hot and obviously liked by the mainstream so why not!? You would be selling yourself out, that's why. It wouldn't be wrong to use a sound developed by someone else but it would be wrong to take the direct approach that someone else allready has. Make your stuff sound like you, not someone else. Try to compliment them and build on what they've done, if anything. Most importantly, express YOUR SELF. That is what artistry is about...There are SO many sources out there for free VSTi's and soft-instruments if you don't have the cash to develop your own sounds. Sampling from another DOESN'T have to be a MUST.

What about an old song, perhaps a classic 60''s. All the hot producers are sampling this way, aren't they? Sure...but how about writing what's in your head instead of using someone else's piano skills or string arrangements? It will benefit you in the long run even if you don't want to mess with keys or have no experience at all. Once again it wouldn't be wrong to sample a classic and turn it into something new but I am quite disgusted when everyone just turns to this method of production by default. Sampling is like a trend these days. Unless you make your track 10X better than the original it will not catch on. It must compliment YOUR SONG, never the other way around.

Sampling is a common practice used by many producers and artist world wide. Taking something else and turning it into something fresh is a beautiful thing. The main thing to avoid here is that what you take doesn't turn YOU into SOMETHING ELSE. Express yourself...

About The Author

PJ Flaquer is a musician out of NY. He is currently making his way in to the spot light in the fields of entertainment, business and LIFE. His samples based website is the #1 source for FREE High Quality Samples on the net.

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This article was posted on March 08, 2007


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