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Mischievous Imp: Baby's Eleventh Month Guide
 by: Michelle Higgins

Believe it or not, your baby is just one month short of being a year old!

Bubbling with energy

In baby's eleventh month, he is discovering a whole new exciting universe at a frantic pace. He can roll, sit, stand and even walk a few steps. He has a mind of his own now and you might be shocked to see him assert himself! If he seems to be quiet for a while it could signals some mischief he is up to. He could creating havoc in the restroom or might be busy chewing your new lipstick!


Your eleven month-old baby can now stand alone and can expertly cruise around furniture. He can wave and turn around without falling. Encourage him to walk on different surfaces bare feet like the floor, carpet, grass or the sand at the beach.

Baby has learnt to say a few words and understands several more. He has a firmer grasp too. He also loves to deliberately drop objects and have you pick them up (only to drop them again and again!). He is now beginning to distinguish 'good' from 'naughty' behavior and may seek approval and admiration from you.

Red Alert!

Your adventurous darling may try to scale 'new heights' and climb onto furniture to explore more avenues. Frequent stumbles and tumbles are in store as your baby's eleventh month makes her more active than ever. Keep detergents, drain cleaners, cosmetics, medicines, alcoholic beverages, and any other poisonous substances in locked cabinets. Constantly supervise your baby to avoid letting her get into trouble.

Growth spurt

You might notice that your eleven month-old baby is not gaining much weight. Do not panic. Your energetic baby is using more calories for all his activities. It is crucial for him to develop his co-ordination and strengthen his muscles for his strenuous actions like crawling, standing and walking.

Try to make mealtime more fun to sustain his interest in eating. Introduce a variety of foods and give him colorful bowls and spoons. He will love to feed himself (though most of the food may not get to his mouth!). Do not force him to eat. Leave it to him to decide how much he wants.

Temper tantrums!

Your eleven month-old baby can now exhibit her moods and emotions openly. She is more sensitive and may trust certain people and fear others. She may shake his head back and forth to say "no" more often. Hurling herself on the ground as she wails her lungs out is not uncommon either.

Help expand your baby's vocabulary

Talk a lot to your baby and read to him too. Introduce him to the vast and wonderful world of words! Tell him the names of all objects around him. Take him for a stroll and point out the trees, the sky, birds and flowers. Identify their colors for him.

Ask your eleven month-old baby several questions and listen patiently even as he babbles an unfathomable tale!

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