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James Bond Rebuilt
 by: Edmond C. Summers

Craig. Daniel Craig.

The new 007 -- call him James Blonde. I wrote in an earlier post ( that I was throughly disgusted with the weak Bond actors to stink up the screen since Sean Connery. Actually, I shouldn't say that Roger Moore was weak, but he never stood up to the original. Connery was Bond and Bond was Connery. Everyone since him just hasn't cut it.

But now, I'm excited about shaken martinis, Aston Martins, atomic-blasting ballpoint pens, megalomaniacal villians and hot women with suggestive names like "Ashlee Poundcake." Why the sudden euphoria? Because Bond is starting over. With Brit Daniel Craig (best known in the U.S. for "Layer Cake" (2004) and "Road To Perdition" (2002)), we should get to see a different kind of Bond. Younger, less gimmicky, more energetic.

Craig is talented and I think he'll bring a charisma and toughness that Brosnan and Dalton could not muster with consistency. And yes, I believe Daniel Craig is a more convincing fighter than Roger Moore.

I also like the fact that they are going back to an earlier Ian Fleming work with "Casino Royale." This movie was done as a spoof before, but will be given the royal treatment this time. Also, Martin Campbell directed "The Mask of Zorro" and "Goldeneye" (the best Bond film since early "Roger Moore") so he should know what he is doing.

I know a lot of people are criticizing the Daniel Craig choice, but I would direct them to the fine work that Christian Bale did in "Batman Begins." The Batman movies were below mediocre when they were looking for "stars" to continue the Batman character that Michael Keaton brought into the modern age so well -- Val Kilmer was pretty bad and George Clooney was a disgrace. It was not until they decided to "start over" with younger Bale, was Batman born again. Now they probably have two to three good movies left with Bale in the lead. This is also what I suspect will happen with the new "Superman" series with its new blood.

The Batman and Bond characters are related in many ways. Both are mysterious, lead double-lives, rely on technology, charm, wealth and training to get their jobs done. They also appeal both to men and women at the same time for different reasons. This is why I like this direction and I can't wait till 2007 when "Casino Royale" opens with Daniel Craig in the title role.

Now, if we can just get the President working on that Daniel Craig clone now before it's too late.

Just for fun, here are my top five (printable) new Bond Girl names:

5. Poppy McButtons
4. Nina Jailbait
3. Mary Kate Ashley
2. Serena Sweetback
1. Ari Ola

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This article was posted on December 05, 2005


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