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Il Divo Tickets
 by: Ron Arthur

Il Divo is not a band, it’s an addiction………! Il Divo is a new dawn of innovative music. Il Divo didn’t travel a long way, just in few years it soared high and emerged as a top ranked band in several countries. Il Divo originally started gathering in 2001 with the idea to remake popular new and old songs in a different way. And this experiment turned to be a magical journey of success for the band. But finally Il Divo came together in Dec 2003. Since then they have stolen millions of hearts of their die-hard fans through out the world. Il Divo is now very firmly standing on the world stage. It broke new grounds in the era of music with their classic and ravishing masterpieces like “Nella Fantasia”, “Regresa A Mi” and “A Mi Manera”. Il Divo’s heart throbbing lyrics and amazing vocals performances rated them number one in 13 countries. Besides this Il Divo also acquire top 5 placing in 25 countries.

Il Divo’s musical debut self titled album sold over 5 million copies out pacing Led Zeppelins 25 year-old record. Il Divo is the only band to produce a number 1 album without a single release! The four highly innovative and multi-talented members of Il Divo also took classics such as “Mariah Careys Hero”, “Unchained Melody” and gave them a classical twist. Whereas “I Believe in You” is a spell bounding duet performed with Celine Dion. This album containing evergreen tracks were recorded in London and Sweden with recording giants Per Magnusson and David Kreuger and world-recognized producer Steve Mac who produced their debut album also. In short the four principals of have a Midas touch for music and fame.

The band produced six albums Ancora, The Christmas Collection, Il Divo, Encore, Mama, Regresa A Mi, which proved to add only magnificence and glory in its music career one by one. Il Divo has performed all over the world and still continuing it’s pace gracefully with every new coming track. David, Urs, Sebastien,Carlos united together to make this mystical band. They all have such a pure passion for music which ensnares the audiences in their stunning performances. Their love for music bonds them together though they all enjoy their own individuality outside Il Divo.

David Miller was born in San Diego, California on 14th April, 1973. His personal ambition is “To be musical in my life, as well as in my work”. Besides this David wants to make electronic techno music and short film pieces about Il Divo. Sebastien Izambard was born in Paris on 7th March, 1973. Sebastien loves to fly and is also interested in writing an opera with the rest of the members of Il Divo. Another striking feature about Sebastien is the only self-taught but remarkably talented member of the band. Sebastien is an accomplished songwriter also plays guitar and piano. He has produced for many other French artistes. He performed with Johnny Haliday in 2001 as a guest in his sold-out performances at the Paris Olympia. Sebastien also played a leading role in the Richard Cocciante penned musical Le Petit Prince in 2002. In 2003 when he joined Il Divo, he was working on a solo album. Sabestien wants to produce original material for the group's repertoire. The third member of Il Divo is Urs Toni Buhler. He was born in Switzerland on 19th July 1971. He loves to stay in home and work in garden. Urs also has a couple of motorbikes. His ambition is to do best in life in everything, right now it means giving his best to his band. Urs started singing publically at an early age. He started singing with a hard rock band “Conspiracy” when he was 17 in Luzern. He also attended the Academy for School and Church Music. He studied Voice at the Amsterdam Conservatory under the tutorage of Udo Reinemann after moving to Amsterdam. He has benefited from private tuition with the late Swedish tenor, Gosta Winbergh and the French tenor, Christian Papis. Urs has spent the past seven years in Holland performing and singing oratorios with the Netherlands Opera. The last but not the least is Carlos Marin, who is the forth member of the band. He was born in Germany but originally Spanish on 13th Oct 1968. He is very devoted to his band. Carlos says that his life doesn’t exist outside Il Divo. He established a significant reputation singing leading roles in the Spanish versions of Les Miserables based in Madrid. The Man from La Mancha and Beauty and the Beast. After vocal master classes with Alfredo Kraus, Monserrat Caballe and Jaime Aragall, in current years Carlos has captivated audiences worldwide and won critical compliments as 'primo baritono' in many operas, including renowned works such as La Traviata, The Barber of Seville, La Boheme and Madame Butterfly.

This band is rocking the world. And the entire band members together share an extra ordinary combination which proves a catalyst in their music career.

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Ron Arthur is a Search Engine Marketer working for Carlsbad, CA based web-metrics company Sofizar. He is a member of the team developing a click fraud detection software, ZarTective. While not writing expose’s on the darker side of the web, he plays with his cat “Mano” and watches “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the 17th time. Or maybe 117th.

This article was posted on March 01, 2007


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