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How to Create Our Music Compositions with Animation Cartoons in SVCD?
 by: Sujanti Djuanda

If we have composed and recorded our music, we can put in the CD then let families and friends enjoy it! Now, how if we also create our music with animation cartoons and put in the SVCD? It would be great, Right?

The following tips will help to create our music with animation cartoons in the SVCD.

1. Find free and uncopyright animation cartoons, buy the CD that content of animation cartoons and/or get permission first if using animation cartoons copyrighted.

2. When listen our music, think about what the music telling then create theme of story that will be divided into some pieces.

3. For each piece of story, select suitable background images and animations cartoons.

4. Rehearse timings for each piece of story.

5. Our video clip has been finished.

6. At least for one SVCD, we need to create 10 video clips.

7. To compile the list of video clip, we should pay attention to the character, tempo and style of music. For example, donít put many slow music in order but try to balance fast, moderate and slow music.

8. Design cover of SVCD. We can use a piece of story as cover. For title of SVCD, we can use our favorite composition and make it easy to remember.

Now, we have our own SVCD. Let's share with families and friends. Hope this helps.

About The Author

Yen Yen (Sujanti Djuanda) has created her piano compositions with animation cartoons in SVCD.

This article was posted on March 13, 2007


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