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Hot new releases at Netflix
 by: Josh Nelson

Netflix is the best place to get all of the hottest new releases all year round. Who doesn't love snuggling up on the couch with a bowl of buttery popcorn and a great movie? I know I do and with a Netflix membership I can do that any day of the week. Right now there are all kinds of hot new releases coming to this great online movie store.

Just Like Heaven is one of the hottest releases of the month starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Even if she can't pick a new dress for the Golden Globes she sure can act! This is a wonderful show about a woman, well about her spirit actually and the new guy living in her old apartment. Her lost spirit needs a little help and that is where Mark Ruffalo comes in, he saves the day and with a little help from the guy from Napoleon Dynamite.

Elizabethtown is another romantic film that has knocked the socks off of some of the top movie critics. You have Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst coming together in unlikely circumstances. This too is a great movie that you can get today at Netflix.

If you just want to laugh then why not rent the Wedding Crashers with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson? This is a hilarious movie that will have you practically peeing your pants it is so funny. Or what about a movie for the whole family like the Corpse Bride? This is a chilly animated flick that everyone can enjoy and you can get it at Netflix.

If these types of movies are not your thing then you can check out some of the other great movies at Netflix. Such as Evil Dead. This is a classic horror movie that is a must see by anyone who enjoys this genre. Bruce Campbell is one of a kind and he will make you laugh like you have never laughed before. Horror by another name is simply not real horror, and there are a few in this series so check them all out for cheap at Netflix.

Then there is my favorite The Transporter 2. When it comes to rollicking action adventure there is no one that can pull it off quite like Jason Statham. He is hot and sexy and big and manly and…well, I could go on and on but you just need to rent the movie and see for yourself.

No matter what kind of movies you enjoy the most you can find them all at Netflix. They have everything from sci fi to foreign to kids cartoons. No other video store can offer so many great movies for such a low monthly price. Did you know that art Netflix you can rent as many movies as you want? And there are no late fees whatsoever, ever? It is true! That is why more and more people are choosing Netflix all of the time. Every day hundreds and thousands more people sign up for this fantastic service.

It does not matter if you are interested in getting the hottest new releases or the old classics, you will find them all at Netflix today.

About The Author

Josh Nelson is an avid movie watcher and loves to watch DVDs at home. He loves telling people about his favorite service, at, where you can get your risk-free trial of Netflix Today.

This article was posted on March 03, 2007


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