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Hip Hop Slang, Knowing What Itís All About
 by: Brent Wilson

Okay, now you may be a hip hop fan that is just not with it enough. Or, you may be new to it. Or, you may even be a parent trying to figure out what the hip hop slang is all about. Hey, no problem! Letís talk about it here. If you are not sure what the words you are hearing mean, take a minute to check them out. Weíll get you in touch with a few here, but know that there are some awesome websites out there that can keep you together as well. So, donít pretend to know what bling bling means get with it and learn the hip hop slang!

So, what is it that you do not know? Perhaps you are not sure what all the ďizzleĒ words are standing for? This form of hip hop was started by Frankie Smith but has been largely popularized by Snoop Dog, a very popular hip hop artist in the current time. These words are often just changed to add the ďizzleĒ onto them without changing their meaning.

As for bling bling, this term is used to mean something of high worth. Usually it refers to expensive jewelry. Flashy, highly valuable jewelry is very commonly considered part of the hip hop culture. Bling bling can also be a term used for those who have a lifestyle built on excess spending and accruing wealth. Having bling bling isnít a bad thing!

Okay, so this is no where near all the information you need about hip hop slang. So, what do you do to get what you need to know? Translating songs or just knowing what the artists are talking about on their videos can be somewhat hard when you canít figure out the words. But, it isnít meant for everyone. If you are determined to learn what hip hop slang means, check out some of the pretty cool websites that talk about it. Some are even in dictionary form to help you easily converse in hip hop anytime you want to. So, get with it and learn your hip hop slang!

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Brent Wilson

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This article was posted on December 11, 2005


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