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Hip Hop Mixtapes, If You Donít Have Them, Youíre Left Out
 by: Brent Wilson

Hip hop mixtapes are one of the foundations of the hip hop music genre. It is often through mixtapes that music gets out for the first time. And, it is through these tapes that many hip hop artists got their first start. No matter what your thoughts are as far as who to consider as hip hopís first artists, there is no doubt that they had a mixtape. First, a definition of what a mixtape is. It is often a homemade taping that is a complication of homemade recordings. In some cases, individuals will record sountracks that are copyrighted music but then change them to fit their needs. But, in the hip hop world, they are a little different.

A hip hop mixtape is the customized recording of DJís. In the 1970ís when artists such as Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five were playing in clubs, they would often record their mixtapes to then sell to others who wanted them. Individuals would often purchase a one to three hour tape for as much as $75. Hip hop mixtapes are unique in that they were an expression of each individualís concepts of the music. Other artists of the time frame that used hip hop mixtapes include Kool Herc and the Herculoids, DJ Breakout, Afrika Bambaataa, and many more. In todayís world, mixtapes have really become replaced by cdís and mp3 players.

But, you can still purchase a variety of mixtapes. In fact, some of the hottest artists in hip hop right now are putting out mixtapes as recordings of their DJ careers. If you would like to find mixtapes that you can purchase, check the websites. On the web you will find a large amount of the best in hip hop mixtapes. You will find that these are often the best ways to listen to hip hop in general. To find them, all you need to do is to look on your favorite hip hop websites or the websites of hip hop artists and radio stations. You will then have a large amount of options to choose from. You donít have to go without your hip hop mixtapes!

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Brent Wilson

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This article was posted on December 10, 2005


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