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Gary Allan Tickets
 by: Ron Arthur

Gary Allen a country singer from Long Beach, California, who mesmerized the city audience too. He was born in Montebello, California on Dec 5, 1967. He was named Gary Herzberg. Gary was raised in La Mirada, California. In his early teens, actually at the age of twelve he began to play the honky-tonk circuit with his father’s band to follow his father’s footsteps. Gary Allen turned down a record deal when he was still in high school. Allen used most of his twenties to groom his skills as a new traditionalist country singer. But finally Decca label picked him up in 1996. Allen’s first album “Used Heart for Sale” came out that year. Though his first album was not a very brave attempt but he established himself as a talented performer having immense potential. He managed to give to hits “Her Man" in 1996 and "It Would Be You" in 1998.

Two years later he came back with his second album “It Would Be You”. His talent was more acknowledged after this album. In 1999 Allen was signed by MCA, with whom he released his blockbuster third album “Smoke Rings In The Dark”. The ravishing title track and “Right Where I Need to Be” of this super hit album geared it to a platinum level. The album contains almost the best ever done by Allen. It was shown that Allen have taken special care that the music should not get very heavy for the city-life listeners. And it worked like anything. His album also included a stimulating cover of the Del Shannon classic "Runaway" that recollected to Allan's teen days on the honky tonk circuit.

With Allen’s forth album “Alright Guy” though it was not a super hit like the earlier one, he proved that he is only getting polished with his growing age. This album also contained two hits “The One" and "Man to Man”. “Man To Man” was a # 1 Hit. Allen toured a lot with his Album “Alright Guy” before working on his next up coming album. And when "See If I Care" came out in 2003, it proved to be another milestone towards his twilight of success. It spurred his singing career even more.

Besides his several hits, Allen was nominated for CMA Horizon award, which is given to newcomers in 2003. And that very year, he released his next album “See If I Care”, having the hits "Tough Little Boys" and "Songs About Rain." An unfortunate event followed him. In 2004, his wife committed suicide. But later on next year in 2005, Allen released his sixth the album “Tough All Over”.

His style has reflections of Bakersfield Sound, but with the beautiful modern touch. He is moving along well with graceful pace in his singing career. He doesn’t only possess rustic alluring looks but also have a talent to glorify his persona.

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This article was posted on April 05, 2007


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