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Fall Is In The Air! What Does That Mean? FOOTBALL SEASON!
 by: Linda Martin

I just hate it! To make matters worse hubby is home on sick leave due to his own football injury tossing the dogs toy football and trying to beat the dog across the yard for it, needless to say those groin muscles will be out of commission for a while. Lying around with his ice bag the first day watching soaps with me was enough to make him nuts! Then day two at 2:00 pm, time for “The Young and The Restless” he hides the stupid remote! I’m going insane tearing the house apart... this is my favorite soap!! He can’t do this to me!!

The whole time I’m going nuts looking for the remote, he is rattling off comparisons in the prices of our cable T.V. to that new Dish Network Satellite Program. I ask him where the remote is, he doesn’t know and he proceeds to tell me that with the Satellite you get:

FREE TiVo/DVR, record/playback 100 hours- no monthly fee!

Free HDTV equipment with 6 months of up to 7 channels of crystal clear HDTV.

100% digital channels, (Like I care what all this stuff is! I want the damned remote!)

Multi-channel viewing Local Sports Programming,

ESPN Game day

NHL on the Ice,

NBA league Pass,

With over 220 channels compared to about 90 on the cable T.V.

Over 80 pay-per-view movies, compared to only 40 on cable.

25 Movie channels FREE for 3 months,

$21.33 for the first 3 months

PLUS as a FREE gift a DVD player.

I sit there and glare at him, yeh; yeh is this suppose to mean something to me??? Like I really care!! Those Mob guys have probably already shot Nicky and all he can talk about is changing T.V. companies!! Hello! I’m missing my soap…where’s the remote? Please give me the remote!! All of a sudden the room lights up, my ears open and what he is saying begins to sink in! (Music to my ears!) There is no charge for up to 4 additional T.V. hook ups, and the percentage of outages is only 1% compared to 3-5% on cable, my heads starts spinning! I think I’m going to faint!! I can have my own T.V with my own remote. And watch my soaps with less interruptions and my sweetie can sit back and take it easy and watch all the darned football he wants! Besides that, with him not working we really need something cheaper. When you think about $31.99 a month for all this with a $49.99 activation fee that is credited back to you on your first bill, compared to $69.99 per month we are paying for cable you just can’t beat it! Not to mention we can have it installed for free in as little as 24 hours. What a deal!!

“Sure honey” I say, “lets go for it, let me get you some more ice!” I picked up the ice bag and low and behold there’s the remote!! “JERK!”

About The Author

Linda Martin

If you would like to know more about signing up for dish network click on this link and check out the great deals.

Or if you would like to give me a call I would love to talk to you, but please, don’t call at 2:00PM Mountain Time, I’m watching my soap! Or Thursdays at 7:00PM, I’m watching “Survivor”, And not Tuesday nights at 8:00 I’m watching “24”, Wednesday nights I watch “Lost”… better yet, just click on the link .

Thanks and have a great day!

This article was posted on October 10, 2005


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