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Disco Biscuits Tickets
 by: Ron Arthur

Disco Biscuits- a name too hard to forget. “Disco Biscuits” is perhaps the only Street Team non-profit volunteer program that is playing for kids, so that the kids can also take part in supporting and promoting The Disco Biscuits. The name Of “Disco Biscuits” was suggested by one of their friend’s Rob Hainey. They all liked the name and named their band after it, though later on they realized that the name doesn’t go with the band but with the time passing the sound of the band has developed to match the name. They distinct themselves from the conventional Philadelphian Grateful Dead-type jam band music by intermingling electronic beats and jams in their music.

This style of mixing is known as “Trance-fusion”, but with reference to “Disco Biscuits”, it is known as “Bisco”. For “Disco Biscuits” this is just a start, they knit innovation in anything they play. They are famous for their own unique trends of Music. They have the potential to sing long sets together. They use “inverted” and “dyslexic” style in their songs, in these styles they sing their songs backwards. In inverted adaptation of a song, a band sang a song by its ending segment first, which is followed immediately by its beginning segment and a jam carry on with inverted style and fuses into another song. Dyslexic song is somewhat similar to inverted but with the variation that the segments of a song are not played consecutively like, ending of 1, 2, 3, 4 songs but the beginning of 1 and 5. Additional technique used by “Disco Biscuits” is very famous known as fakeout. In fakeout the band plays jam which normally heads into one song, but continues into another unexpectedly.

Wow! Quite confusing hmmm, imagine “Disco Biscuits” use all these techniques in their music. God they are talented. Using inverted and dyslexic techniques their songs can begin on one night's show and end the next night. Their approach toward music is at the same time highly interesting and confusing. One has to know their nature of music. Their die-hard fans enjoy their anticipating trend of singing. Actually these fans are very much in the game of fascination of guess like what song they are going to play next? And it lessens their enthusiasm to know it before hand. For their fans this mingling of different medium of music is the most electrifying part. On the other hand for a new listener it could be quite offending. Their technique of playing music indulges the listener immediately to their style of singing to enjoy. Which is rather a difficult task for a new comer.

Disco Biscuits is a Philadelphian band. The band having four principals Jon Gutwillig on guitar, Marc Brownstein on bass, Allen Aucoin on drums and Aron Magner on keyboards. Former drummer Sam Altman played his last concert as drummer for The Disco Biscuits on 8/27/2005.This four-member jam/rave band first began its career in 1996 after they met while attending a college in Pennsylvania. They all share vocal duties-with the drummer of the band Sam Altman. The Guitarist and the lead vocalist Jon Gutwillig once declared that the ambition of the band is to create the wildest -- or craziest -- music of all ages. And to a great extent they proved it. Another reason for fusion is to get the entire kids fan that like both jam and rave and it certainly worked. Their alluring dancing style has been dubbed “Trance Fusion". Most of the people says that their dancing style have resemblances with Frank Zappa, though the group members always deny that. Disco biscuits are renowned to leap into a classical or a classic jazz slice in the middle of an extended rock jam. Their music beautifully intervenes rock, techno, jazz, soul, blues, and classical. This fusion took them to the upper level of the jam/groove outlook. Unconventionally Disco Biscuits’s songs are first written for live shows and then recorded. Normally musical bands first record their songs then sing them live. Disco Biscuits was signed by Hydro phonics Records in 1998 and then released their second CD “The Uncivilized Area”. Their third, “They Missed the Perfume”, was an overall hit in 2001. Continually moving into a more daring combo with the passage of time, the cruder “Senoir Boombox” came out in the fall of 2002.

Philadelphia has been a main force in Rock music, for almost half a century. Disco Biscuits are the jam/rave band, which is making Philadelphia’s history even richer; they are mixing culture and traditions along with music.

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Ron Arthur is a Search Engine Marketer working for Carlsbad, CA based web-metrics company Sofizar. He is a member of the team developing a click fraud detection software, ZarTective. While not writing expose’s on the darker side of the web, he plays with his cat “Mano” and watches “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the 17th time. Or maybe 117th.

This article was posted on April 15, 2007


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