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Canít Find Your Favorite Movie Poster?
 by: Mark McCallister

Many of us have that one special film we canít quite get out of our heads. More likely there are several movies that have taken their turn in your ďfavoritesĒ category. These could include an epic feature like Gone with the Wind. Or they might number a childrenís classic like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Perhaps you have a favorite film or two starring a beloved cinema idol. Souvenirs and keepsakes abound, including knick-knacks and paperweights, but they can take up needed tabletop space or end up broken and discarded. Thatís why so many movie fans enjoy hanging up film posters.

Easily hung on a bedroom or family room wall, the posters are lightweight and maneuverable. They donít take up other usable space. Posters can be changed when you find a new favorite film or are ready to redecorate a room. They can be moved when cleaning the wall, and rolled up for storage as a keepsake for when kids are grown. Moreover, posters are inexpensive, realistic, and fun, capturing exciting moments from a celluloid experience that we can live all over again each time we glance at the poster.

You can buy posters from many department stores and bookstores, of course, but you may want to shop easier and faster online. Thatís when Websites like All Movies Posters ( comes in handy. You simply click on your ďFavoritesĒ links, click the Website title, and youíre ready to select photograph or art posters of your favorite flicks and actors. Many are inexpensively priced, and shipping may be free with certain types of orders, for example, depending on the quantity you purchase or the total amount you spend.

Or you can go to a broader site like All Posters ( and click on your favorites to browse great photos captured in poster format. You also may want to visit ( Framed prints, themed images, and other artistic renderings offer guests the best in wall decoration and design choices. Posters at sites like these are no doubt copyrighted, so any attempt to duplicate them for sales to other people would be considered a criminal act. But since buying posters is so easy and affordable online, thereís no reason to try and copy them for othersí use. The quality is sure to be poor, and itís so much easier to inexpensively purchase new ones anyway.

Most sites of this type that let you purchase items by credit card are secure, so you probably donít need to worry about anyone misusing your Visa or MasterCard. If in doubt, though, contact the siteís customer assistance area to see if you can give the card number over the telephone or mail a check. Chances are you will find poster shopping online so convenient that you will return again and again to check out the latest in movie posters.

About The Author

Mark McCallister is a total movie buff and has reviewed English, French & Italian Movies over a span of 7 years now. Besides, he likes to have an account of his favourite movie posters and keeps updating himself. He has more than 8,000 digital movie posters and is still going. He also edits All Movies Posters (

This article was posted on November 28, 2005


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