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Burnlounge, The New Music Revolution!
 by: Hank Schmidt

Burnlounge™ what? The hottest new trend in music is portability!   Download music for your portable mp3 player or computer and go, go…broke?  How do you get all of your favorite songs without spending a fortune? is the answer.  Burnlounge™ is the fastest, easiest way to get every song you desire, and it may not cost you a penny. Burnlounge™ offers a revolutionary idea in music downloading where you can make money.

Besides offering the greatest selection of albums in twenty one different genres, Burnlounge™ offers a shared compensation program.  This program has four different levels of membership available to become a music retailer yourself.

The plan is simple and works like this.  Sign up and pay a small yearly fee.  Refer family and friends to your site and earn money from their purchases.  Sign up other people and get a percentage of their sales.  They sign up other people and your network grows automatically, while you earn bonuses and free music!  It’s that easy.

The four levels are:

Mogul Advanced

Each level costs $29.95 for a whole year to get an I.C.E. (Independent Content Editing) license.  For Fans, every personal purchase earns points which are redeemable for music and merchandise on the Burnlounge™ website.  To get more tools to build a bigger business, move to the Affiliate Program level, which is just an additional $6.95 per month.  To earn bonuses, retailers must be at the Affiliate level or higher.

Moguls pay the regular yearly fee, plus a $100 for the Mogul Toolkit.  The ToolKit contains software and marketing materials that can be used to grow your network of Affiliates.  An additional $14.95 per month gets the Business Management Software (B.M.S.).  BMS software tracks the whole team’s sales and gives reports that are quick and easy to read.

Moguls have the most opportunities for income and bonuses.  They can build two teams of Affiliates and Moguls, and when each side hits 300 points, they earn a bonus of $50.  When that reward level is met, the process starts over and the bonus can be earned again and again, as long as both teams are equal in points.

For a limited time, those signed up as Moguls will be automatically upgraded to Mogul Advanced.  Moguls earn the most bonuses and rewards when their teams perform well!  Moguls also get the chance to buy the Burnlounge™ University Package.  The University Package is $300 and includes six educational DVD’s which are the equivalent to two semesters of classes in the entertainment industry.   This is everything you need to become a guru in earning money from your retailer site.

Each purchase earns Affiliates and Moguls a percentage through their retailer site.  The larger the purchase, the more you make!  By becoming an Affiliate or Mogul, you have instant access to tools for your marketing needs. Burnlounge™ programs can design business cards, posters, envelopes, letterheads and magazine stickers to print.  For online advertising there are buttons, logos, banners, ads and desktop wallpaper templates. 

It’s so easy to make money, all you need to do is sign up and you’re started.  The best part of becoming a retailer on Burnlounge's™ site is that you get paid weekly!  No waiting periods of six to eight weeks here.  Points are calculated on Fridays and payment is sent the following week.

Burnlounge™ was launched in October of 2005, and has the backing of the music industry itself.  Some of the biggest shareholders are also managers and artists in the music business. The mastermind behind the whole concept is Alex Arnold.  He’s been working on a plan and launch for this site, which could be the biggest music source on the internet.  He saw the need for legal access to music online, and designed a concept where a person can not only get music for a reasonable price, but actually make money from getting others to do so.

Alex introduced this concept to a friend, and with some marketing they were able to get financial backing.  Some important people who saw the potential in this project are Rick Dees and Carson Daly.  They believe this can and will be bigger than iTunes™. Digital music is already an $80 million a year industry.  The backers and ground floor retailers believe this number will reach into the billions of dollars in just a few short years.  They wanted a piece of that pie, thus Burnlounge™ was created.

There are between five and seven thousand Affiliates and Moguls registered on the website.  There is a need for many more, and you could be it!  This is your chance to be linked to something BIG.  Something that can earn you unlimited income, with little or no effort from the comfort of home.

Sign up now and get in on the ground floor opportunity of a lifetime.  The website,, has a list of FAQ’s to review for any and every question you may have about becoming a retailer.  It lists in detail the programs available to each level of subscription and the requirements for each to earn bonuses.  If you have a question not answered by the FAQ’s, a contact form will email questions directly to someone who knows from the Burnlounge™ team.

If becoming a retailer isn’t what you’re after at this time, signing up to be a customer is always free!  In addition to music, Burnlounge™ has a community area where you can get to know other members, whether they are fans or retailers.  The website hosts BonFire™ Instant Messaging, which allows you to communicate easily with family and friends.   Chat with some new friends or get the inside scoop on the hottest artists.  Visit for all the details to get started on making money for yourself through this billion dollar industry!

About The Author

Hank Schmidt is an astounding author to loves nothing more than to have his articles published. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

This article was posted on January 06, 2007


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